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Transaction Coordination Services and Pricing

Our pricing for our services is detailed below. Depending on how your deal is structured, you may need more than one service, resulting in more than one charge. All pricing will be discussed upfront. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance will be paid at closing and will be included on the Settlement Statement

Pricing Breakdown



Cash Transaction


Real Estate (General)

buyer/seller transactions for realtors/brokers


Creative Transaction (Level 1)

hold/assign of a Subto/SellerFfinance/Hybrid


Creative Transaction (Level 2)





Creative Transaction (Level 3) (Morby Method)

Deal Evaluation

TC Work



Lending Transaction (Gator)


Lending Transaction (PML)


Rush Deals (Additional Fee)

(any deal with less than 2 weeks to COE)


Servicing Setup


Post Closing Setup

(includes HOA, Insurance, Uploading POA and Authorizations)


Download the Wholesale Contract!

Click here to download Pace Morby’s Wholesale Contract for free! Pace paid his attorney $3,200 to create this contract. He has generously allowed us to share it with others. We have had great success with it!

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